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O-LA is an independent platform committed to generating conversations between Latin America and the world through contemporary art. It’s community has rapidly grown, counting more than 4’000 Followers on Instagram. As a regular content contributor, I write articles both in English and in Spanish. For O-LA’s first printed publication – launched at the I Never Read Art Fair in Basel – I made an article about the concept of contemporary Latin American art in collaboration with the renowned gallerist Andrea Hinteregger de Mayo.

Text samples:

Is there such thing as contemporary Latin American art? (September 19, 2020)

The term Latin America generally refers to territories in the Americas where Romance languages such as Spanish, Portuguese or French prevail. However, the term is sometimes
used more broadly to refer to all the Americas south of the United States, thus including the Anglophone Caribbean, Belize or the Dutch Caribbean. Whichever way we look at Latin America, one thing is for sure: it is a highly complex term and not without controversy. All the more, it is important to reflect upon our understanding of contemporary Latin American art and how it relates to the concepts of borders, territories and identity.

Read full article here.

Rodrigue Mouchez Armendariz: Of materials and narratives (September 25, 2020)

English version:

French-Mexican artist Rodrigue Mouchez Armendariz is known for his immersive installations in which he uses organic and everyday life materials. We have picked three of his exhibitions to demonstrate how he searches for complex narratives in an ever-changing world.

Read full article here.

Versión en Español:

El artista franco-mexicano Rodrigue Mouchez Armendáriz es conocido por sus instalaciones inmersivas en las que utiliza materiales orgánicos y de la vida cotidiana. Hemos seleccionado tres de sus exposiciones para demostrar cómo busca narrativas complejas en un mundo que se encuentra en una transformación constante.

Read full article here.

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